Monday, 31 March 2014

Suit Up, Superwoman!

For many students, the Easter break means it’s time for that internship. Finally, we all get a chance to try and impress the bosses, hoping for a big shiny tick in the ‘yes’ box.
You’ve probably swotted up on the company and practiced your handshake a hundred times.

Now it’s getting closer to the day, you’ll be starting to panic over the most rational things like whether you are likely to spontaneously combust the moment you walk through the office door. And of course, where would our nerves be without that lovely anxiety dream that involves us turning up on the first day absolutely starkers?

Fear not! You are a strong, independent woman with impeccable dress sense (lets deny memory of that onesie). You can and will look fab – especially if you take note of my five formal-wear favourites…

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