Wednesday, 5 March 2014

5 Things That Make London and Sheffield Very Different

Fashion Editor Megan Sutton went on a little jolly to London recently, and it’s fair to say she felt a million miles away from our steel city. She came up with five stand-out reasons why the capital is very, very different to Sheffield…
Trendy people 

On the streets of Sheffield you’re far more likely to see a Cooplands bag than a Louis Vuitton. But in London, it seems like everyone has got style, and a designer handbag to boot. Travelling to Tesco Broomhill in pyjamas is a distant memory when in the big smoke, where every trip out is an excuse to dress fabulously.

Don’t get me wrong, I love how style orientated the city is. But I have to admit- life permanently without wet hair trips to buy a kit-kat chunky would take some serious getting used to.

Kind of famous people 

Maybe I’m just crazy, but every street corner I turn down seems to present a new celeb encounter.

From “Was that?... It WAS, wasn’t it? An extra from Made in Chelsea!!!” to “I’m SURE it was her… What do you mean the queen probably doesn’t shop in Covent Garden?” We’re all guilty of it. Whether that guy in the Starbucks queue is a lot, a little, or not at all famous, we can’t help but wonder. Our brains are wired to celeb search in London, so just embrace it.

No chit-chat allowed

Sales assistants don’t want to know the details of my day- I learned as I tried to make small talk with a tube worker, who adopted the ‘smile and nod’ strategy. Unlike in Sheff, where me and the Fruit Appeal man can easily spend five minutes discussing yoghurt covered apricots, the workers of London are just too busy for the mindless babble us northerners call ‘being nice’. Sob…

Heart stopping prices

“No, no… I can totally afford a £9 cosmopolitan,” said no one ever.

Well no one who’s been to Corp at least… But seriously, London prices are crazy. Costs are hiked up on everything from a lunchtime Gregg’s to an after work bevvy. Whether you’re partial to a steak bake or a glass of rosè, you’re just gonna have to grit your teeth and play the Russian Roulette that is paying on card. You only live once, they say.

That ‘cool’ feeling 

Is it just me who feels like Kate Moss in a Rimmel advert the second I step on to the platform at St. Pancras? C’mon, I’m sure I’m not alone in this… London gives you the instant ‘cool’ factor.

Whether you’re battling a human shield to squeeze on to a tube, or just walking around trying to look as least like a tourist as possible, the city makes your street cred rise considerably.

As I write this, on the train back to Sheffield, I can’t decide whether I’m excited to return to happy, slow-paced northern territory, or if I want to demand the train does a U-turn. Good job there’s enough of me and my rail card to go around.

Which city do you prefer, Sheffield or London? And why? Let us know @libertybellemag

Insta-highlights from Megan's trip.

Sipping a cocktail
Trip to National Portrait gallery

Taxi back from the station in Sheff. Is Sheffield trying to compete?

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  1. love this, totally puts into writing everything we think :)