Saturday, 22 March 2014

Inspirational Women: can we choose only one?

Proposed to me, was a feature signalling towards writing about one, individually inspiring woman- a tough challenge.

There is the cliché, my mum. She is a role model and inspiration to just cherish those moments and care for all with one-hundred percent of your heart, and help them an equal amount when they need it most. You never know the when the moments will slip from your fingers, people – especially.

Mary, is a woman that has taught me to just be happy, take everything as it comes, work hard and to look up and ahead at all times. My mother, has been an inspiration to me to be a selfless person. Although we all struggle, (hands up – I do) with this concept, to be inspirational to others – you need to focus on them, not you.

Yet, we have the alternative cliché. A celebrity? An individual at the top of their game, inspiring women to reach for the ultimate goal, no matter what this may be. Say, Angelina Jolie maybe? However, for me – she is inspiring because worldwide, she has taught women that being a ‘female’ is merely a title. It is not defined by our ability, physically – but more mentally. We should not be labelled as a less-effeminate merely because we don’t have breasts or a vagina, surely?

Taking on a double mastectomy, as well as a career, three adopted children, three biological, a whole host of humanitarian work and a long term partner – how can this tomb-raider fighter not notate that the fighter onscreen also can continue off screen. No less of a woman with her recent decision, she emulates to women that although, yes we may be scared, to leap into the next step and be safe, and happy is what we should all strive for. Be strong. Be independent. Be inspired.
So, we have those close to our hearts, close our screens. But there are the women who, at our tender age may have passed us by in their greatness, for there have been many. One, came into my path recently on desert Island Discs Episode. Reverend Rose-Hudson Wilkin. Heard of her? Perhaps you have…perhaps you haven’t.  A remarkable character, she is the first black, female chaplain to enter into the House of Commons and the first Chaplain to the queen as well. She actively rejects the increasing issue of ‘institutionalised racism’ within British society,  and has overcome the many ignorance of many towards her gender and colour.

In the recent feature of Desert Island Discs she said this about her life, ‘this is the dice that life has thrown at you, and you will get on with it.’ A statement and a half, no? She inspires people to make the best of what life has and to not dwell on matters, because if we do that – how are we helping ourselves to be the best that we can be? Inspiring me to change my attitude towards a lot of upfront affairs that challenge so many of us, she has made me open my eyes and has been a constant reminder that the world is a beautifully diverse place that we must embrace.

Three strong women in my life, I cannot tell you just ‘one’ inspirational woman. I do not think that we can ever find just one, and really what we should take into account is that all women are inspirational. Each one individually can offer us a new breath of air that others may not. It is not failing, not having that quality. Remember quality over quantity. Combined, and joint in force we can seek to improve ourselves, and then – hopefully be another part of female inspiration.

So ladies, really what I am trying to say to you is embrace your femininity, but also absorb those sisters around you. This is not a point of call to say be hard core feminists and forget men all together, and grow out your hair…. No. Personally, I’m not supportive of that movement at all. Just look after yourself, and fit the mould you want to be, and be inspired all the time. Most of all, be the change you want to see.

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