Monday, 3 March 2014

Live Review: Pixel Fix, The Riverside

With the recent release of their EP Fall Pixel Fix, an indie electronic four-piece hailing from Oxford are touring the UK, not forgetting a date down at The Riverside in Sheffield.

Title track of their latest EP Fall opened with hazy electronics joined by spiraling guitar riffs and dreamy vocals presented by front man Marcus Yates. Lyrics too far too fall / Im falling, Im falling had you submerged in the ethereal atmospheric sound of the band. Different pitched vocals playing through a backing track in songs such as Ember from their first self-titled EP Pixel Fix created a layered echoing effect, adding all the more to the dreamy atmosphere building throughout the set.

The night was quick and short but this was all you needed to get a taste of what these boys are all about. It was just long enough to get you lost in the innovative sound of Pixel Fix before taking it away leaving you longing for more. After a set full of intricate blends of electronic-infused indie rhythms and with all members in control of multiple instruments and musical equipment throughout the set, pulling it off near flawlessly, future expectations of this Oxford four-piece are high. Pixel Fix are certainly ones to watch.

By Ellen Offredy

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