Saturday, 8 March 2014

Fairytale Fashion Hits The High Street

Catwalk fashion has always had an element of fantasy about it. But this year, designers went a step further and took inspiration directly from fairytales for their Autumn/Winter 2014 collections. Writer Charlotte Imlah is exploring next season’s loveliest trend…

Ashish’s collection is a perfect example of modernised princess style with clothes completely covered in sequins and beads. Pastel colours and sparkles are the key features here, which is easily interpreted by layering up pearl necklaces over fluffy pastel jumpers.

Personally, I am really excited by the 90s revival that fashion is experiencing right now and the off-duty princess style tulle skirts and glittering jeans of this collection are sure to find their copycat equivalent on the high street soon.

In a less saccharine approach to fairy tale style, Dolce and Gabbana have produced a beautiful, Red Riding Hood inspired collection full of references to traditional folk tales. This collection is full of floral prints in floaty fabrics with red as the obvious stand out colour, definitely something which can be copied on a smaller scale.

Fairy tales take on a more woodland feel here with whimsical appliques of squirrels and foxes and touches of fur, a less innocent princess and a darker, more intrepid heroine. To replicate this look on a small budget, look for textured jackets and structured pieces with rich detailing such as gold buttons. Tones such as red, burgundy and gold are used in the key motif pieces, which are sure to be interpreted on the high street soon.

Some designers have taken a looser inspiration from the princess theme and come up with collections that are altogether spookier.

Taking inspiration from Star Wars, Rodarte’s AW14 collection is gothic but still manages to be delicate and ethereal with soft layers of fabric. Though this is less wearable than other collections, the landscape prints and jewelled star effects will make for some pretty incredible statement pieces once they reach the high street.

Also going for a less orthodox approach to princess fashion are Meadham Kirchhoff. Girly but with more than a hint of weirdness, their show featured models swathed in layers of pastel coloured lace, in some instances even wearing veils in an interpretation of the wedding dresses so many fairy tales end with. These looks seem like they could have stepped out of a Tim Burton film and are perfect inspiration if you prefer your fairy stories with a subversive twist. A veil might be quite tricky to work into an everyday look, but introducing an element of lace into your outfit is an easy nod to this trend that shouldn’t be too over the top.

As Lupita Nyong’o collected her Oscar last weekend in a pale blue dress reminiscent of Cinderella’s famous gown, you could practically see the cartoon bluebirds swooping around her head. It’s clear, princess-inspired fashion is going to be everywhere. There are so many different ways to interpret the trend; I personally can’t wait to embrace it.

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