Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Spoiler Free Review

We have an in-house Marvel maniac in the lovely form of Lisa Preece, new lifestyle co-editor. As a bona fide Marvel nut-case, she and Head of Publicity Jaye Dry headed to Cineworld straight after our AGM last night to do a Marvel marathon that included a midnight viewing of the brand new Captain America movie. Here's her spoiler free take on things...

The latest instalment in the record-breaking Marvel Avengers saga is hitting the big screen across the UK today – and Captain America is looking better than ever. For those that haven’t caught the previous Marvel outings of Iron Man, Thor and the rest of the Avengers - don't worry! Although the movies are extremely entertaining, viewers don’t have to have every line of dialogue from the movies committed to memory, although many will (myself included!)

 The movie starts with the prim, proper, and utterly gorgeous Captain America, aka Steve Rogers, adapting to life in the 21st century after he was frozen in a life-preserving state back in the 1940s. There are a lot of changes for him to get used to with the Second World War long over. 

Familiar faces from previous movies complete the star-studded line up, including favourites Nick Fury: director of SHIELD, and Natasha Romanoff: Russian master assassin. Natasha, played by the fantastic Scarlett Johansson, shows that girls can fight better than the boys. She is insanely cool, manipulative, resilient and shows that women really can run the world. In this film her personality is given a much better chance to develop, and we get to see the woman behind the deadly assassin profile.

For those that have done their homework and watched all the previous movies, a familiar face becomes part of the action, but fights for the opposite side…

A brand new face in the Marvel-verse is Anthony Mackie as the Falcon. Cap may have run laps around him right at the start of the movie, but he later becomes a crucial part of the climax. It’s a shame that we couldn’t be told more about how he developed his super abilities, but there is no doubting that the Falcon is already one of the coolest heroes around.

The fight scenes in this movie are among the best Hollywood has ever produced. Typically, a lengthy fight scene can see me drifting away from the action, but the many and varied forms of arm-to-arm (or fist-to-fist) combat kept the cinema gasping in awe. For once, Marvel aren’t afraid to really put their characters in danger. When a brand new movie hits the screens, even the die-hard fans can’t be sure what danger the heroes will be put through, and who will make it to Avengers 2, (coming out next summer.) 

Cap’s latest adventure brings him right into the 21st century, and shows that he’s much more than just a super-soldier that can take orders. He is his own person, and that person is awesome.

Captain America: The Winter Solider is out in cinemas now.

By Lisa Preece

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