Saturday, 8 March 2014

Inspirational Women: Florence Welch

Just because us men are pretty great, that doesn’t mean we don’t have female role models. Mine, for example, is Florence Welch- lead vocalist of Florence and The Machine.

Flo is truly the queen of all things indie. Discovered whilst singing an Etta James song in the loo of a London nightclub, she grabbed her chance opportunity and pursued a singing career, given that -by her account- her art degree was going down the drain.

With her bluesy tenor tones, she went on to sell over a million records; her album ‘Between two Lungs’ (inspired by a break up with boyfreind James Nesbit), was nominated for a 2013 Brit Award.  Her collaboration with Calvin Harris resulted in the song Spectrum (“Say my Name…”) and gave her further mainstream success. Pretty inspirational, right?

Oh yeah, I do happen to have a thing for red heads…

Which woman is your biggest inspiration? Let us know @libertybellemag.

By Christopher Shelley

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