Sunday, 23 March 2014

Brits Basking in the 'Sun'

Bare legs and summer sandals have been spotted in the multiples over the past week. It would appear us Brits lose the jumpers and jeans as soon as one ray of sunshine can be seen from our bedroom window.

With newspapers running headlines like 'HOTTER THAN AFRICA', Zoe Cassell looks further into why us Brits just can't seem to keep our clothes on. 

Sunday morning and I draw my curtains at about 2pm, clearly suffering from a post Pop Tarts night out. It's sunny.

Wait, what?! It's sunny?! And I don't just mean there's a glimpse of sun through some grey clouds, I mean clear blue skies and sunshine beaming into my room.

This can't be right. I’ve not been out of the house for five minutes and I’ve already seen three girls in bum shorts. Can I just remind everyone that it is March. MARCH people, it’s not August in Ibiza.

I have never seen the Devonshire Green so busy! People sat on the grass (which I should remind everyone is still damp and muddy) eating ice creams and pretending they’re on holiday.

I’m not being funny but it’s not exactly warm, the sunshine is lovely but it’s not worth ditching the tights for.

Now I am on my way to a beer garden, so this may all sound a tad hypocritical, but I am most definitely NOT wearing bum shorts so my ranting is justified.

But why do us Brits always do this? One hint of sun and we’re cracking the sunglasses and summer dresses out, even in bitter Sheffield winds.

Next door even had a BBQ going, absolute madness.

But in all honesty, can we really blame anyone? For all we know this could be the only bit of sun we’re gonna see this year; better soak it up whilst we can!

And if I’m honest this sunny weather does give us a great excuse to get started on our pastel and lace inspired spring/summer wardrobes.

We’d love to see what you’ve been up to in the sun. Tweet us your pics of an unusually sunny Sheffield @LibertyBelleMag.

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