Sunday, 30 March 2014

Inoffensive Mother's Day Fashion

It’s mothering Sunday- the day we all polish our halos and play at being perfect children. You may have nailed a killer breakfast in bed and kept the conversation PG for a whole two hours, but without a butter-wouldn’t-melt-outfit, you’re simply not in the running for child of the year. However you’re spending your day, we’ve got it covered. Here are Liberty Belle’s fave looks that your mum would be proud of… Heading to gran’s for a feast of egg sandwiches and mini rolls? If so, comfort is key for you today- opt for a (non-offensive) slogan sweatshirt like these Topshop beauties…

 If you and your mother dearest are hitting the shops/café/cinema this afternoon, you’ll want to look stylish, but ever-so-slightly conservative. Opt for a smock dress like this Boohoo check and floral number. Demure but definitely still packing a fashion punch… And for those of you braving the interrogation experience that is a family meal out, a sophisticated shirt dress is the way to go. This monochrome Lavish Alice skater is worthy of the occasion, and guaranteed not to give granddad a heart attack by showing too much flesh… What will you be wearing for your day with mum? Share your outfit pics with us @libertybfashion

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