Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Single review: 'Abyssinia' by Screaming Maldini

Following on from ‘Soweto’ and ‘Bearings’, ‘Abyssinia’ is the third release from Screaming Maldini’s yearlong #monthlymaldiniXII project, which will see the band release a new song every month.

The song itself is much darker than the previous two releases. The dance-pop beat of ‘Soweto’ and sunny timbres from ‘Bearings’ have been replaced by a more sombre, stripped back arrangement – culminating in a brooding climax of trumpets where lead singer Gina cries “Are we there?” Although not exactly infectious pop music, the song still makes compelling listening through its emotive nature.

Even if it’s just through their slightly quirky instrumentation, Screaming Maldini always manage to make their music interesting and this is no exception.

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Words by Jamie Doherty

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