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Film Review: The Other Woman

The Other Woman tells the story of Carly (played by Cameron Diaz), an ambitious New York lawyer whose cynicism towards the ideas of true love and monogamy are finally swayed when she meets bad boy Mark (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau). However her happiness is short-lived when a surprise visit to his home goes horribly wrong and she discovers that he is married.
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Scorned wife Kate (Leslie Mann) finds her whole world crashing around her when she realises that the woman standing on her doorstep is in fact her husbands mistress. She leans on Carly for support and their heartbreak becomes the foundation of their relationship as the weirdest friends ever. To add insult to injury, the women soon discover that there is a third lady in love rat Marks life, the beautiful Amber (Kate Upton), and between the three of them, The Lawyer, the Wife and the Boobs  hatch a plan for revenge on the man who played them all.
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Although the plot is arguably predictable and a little bit cliché, this film is a really easy watch and would be perfect for a girly night in. Diaz and Manns characters are the perfect counterparts of each other; the sassy career girl with ice queen tendencies, and the sweet, loveable wife, albeit a bit dippy. Mann in particular excels herself in her performance, sparking off Diaz with ease and providing moments of comedic genius thanks to her characters ditzy personality. Her moments of humour are balanced by glimpses of vulnerability, which are played beautifully, tugging at the heartstrings and reminding you that she still has the devastation of a broken marriage to deal with.

Uptons character, although likeable, is very much disposable. Ambers naivety and girl-next-door charm makes her endearing, and her obvious beauty is appealing to male viewers, but her character is comparatively dull. This is a shame when so much more could have been done with her personality. She doesnt really contribute much to the trio or the plot of the film, and even without her, Diaz and Mann would have worked perfectly on their own.
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Although it is clear that there has been an attempt at a message of girl power, it is seemingly feeble and doesnt really hit home unless youre really looking for a moral of the story. Although women everywhere relish the idea of reaping revenge on men who have broken their hearts, the fact that the triage of women seem to devote every waking moment on their plot against Mark seems to contradict the point that the film is trying to get across, and it certainly drives wife Kate towards a mental breakdown.

While The Other Woman isnt the most memorable rom-com, I certainly found it an enjoyable watch. The glamorous settings of New York and Miami along with the sophisticated characters made the film pleasing to the eye, and the regular bursts of comedy moments made the story flow well without there being any lulls of tediousness. Theres even a bit of toilet humour thrown in (literally) to cater for the dozens of bored-looking boyfriends who have been dragged along to see yet another chick flick.
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Overall, The Other Woman is fantastic for its target audience and definitely worth a trip to the cinema if youre looking for a light-hearted, girly film.

Words by Sian Abbott

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