Monday, 28 April 2014

Kate Moss x Topshop Coming This Week

The new Kate Moss for Topshop Spring Collection 2014 is here, and it is - unquestionably - sublime. The pieces have been influenced by Moss’ own wardrobe and the creative vision of Katy England and can be categorized as follows: Quirky Bohemian, Pajama Cool, Red Carpet Siren and Tailored Professional. All of which will fulfill a tiny fantasy of looking much cooler and much edgier than we actually are.

An item that is sure to achieve blogger Holy Grail status is the suede ‘gig jacket’ that is sure to be paraded at Glastonbury this summer at which Moss religiously attends with cult-making fashion trends that cement her place in the style pantheon. Not only Moss herself, but celebrities such as Alexa Chung, Sienna Miller and the Duchess of Cambridge have sported previous Kate Moss for Topshop designs, and Moss’ notoriety has only increased since her much celebrated Playboy Cover this year for her 40th birthday.

The prices start from £40, with a hand-finished Kaftan at the middling price of £85 and the high end of the spectrum finishing with a £600 hand-beaded flapper dress. For most students, this is big money, and perhaps too extravagant when food needs to be bought. However, owning just one of these iconic pieces will balance the financial scales with the infinitely more important fashion ones. If you are going to a festival, the collection will raise you massively in the million unflattering pictures that will be taken of you with 3-day old makeup and greasy hair. If you aren’t going to a festival, then you should get something to make you feel better and at least simulate the festival experience when sat alone in your room, looking fabulous in a fringed jacket and listening to The Rolling Stones.

The collection will be available from Topshop stores and online, Nordstrom stores and online and from April 30, but will probably be sold out by lunch of the same day so the strategic buying that every serious fashion shopper has must be utilized and lectures must be abandoned in favour of incessantly refreshing websites and crying quietly.

By Romy Risley

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