Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Newcastle Does Vintage

Vintage Fairs are taking the UK fashion scene by storm, so our writer Charlotte Imlah went to Newcastle Does Vintage to see what all the fuss is about…

One of my favourite things to do is rummage through piles of vintage clothes, looking for the next adored piece of my wardrobe that I will wear to death. Last Sunday’s Newcastle Does Vintage – the city’s biggest vintage fair, that takes over four floors at the Theatre Royal – gave me the perfect opportunity to do exactly that.

The fair was enormous and boasted a tearoom, live band and a vintage hairdressing booth, making the event an entirely retro experience, rather than just a simple shopping trip. I love vintage fashion because it gives you an escape, a fantasy; and the range of pieces and quirky displays really do make you feel like you’ve stepped back into another time period. Whether you want to commit to a head-to-toe Betty Draper look or just give your wardrobe a hint of retro charm, fairs like this are the ideal way to immerse yourself in former fashions and get lots of exciting dressing up ideas.

There was a huge range of stalls at the event selling all the vintage you can possibly imagine from 1920s feather fans to 40s suits, full skirted vintage prom dresses, cute 60s blouses, heavily sequinned dresses to outrageously patterned 80s and 90s pieces – and even a menswear corner! There were also several jewellery stalls, selling everything from antique pearl bracelets and cut glass jewellery boxes to miniature, doll’s house inspired necklaces.

I got to the fair shortly after it opened at 11 and didn’t leave until half past one, spending literally hours poring over every plaid shirt, shoulder-padded jacket and vintage slip searching for hidden gems. I tried on a beautiful 1960s dress (which I am really regretting putting back on the rack) but eventually bought a lovely pastel striped skirt. I can already tell is going to be the staple of my summer wardrobe.
The fair was put on by the lovely people over at Britain Does Vintage who run fairs all over the country, take a look at their website to find one near you

If you’re a lover of all things vintage, get down to your local fair. And remember to tell us how it was @libertybfashion

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