Sunday, 11 May 2014

Single Review: 'Islands' by Screaming Maldini

Screaming Maldini
‘Islands’ is Liberty Belle favourites Screaming Maldini’s May release for their #MonthlyMaldiniXII project, which sees them releasing a free downloadable track every month. This has proved to be immensely popular already this year and is the perfect follow up to their debut album. So far we’ve been treated to the brilliant ‘Soweto’, ‘Bearings’, and ‘Abyssinia’, and ‘Islands’ does not disappoint.

As with all the songs released as part of the project so far, ‘Islands’ showcases Gina Walters’ amazing vocal talents. The cover, featuring a picture of a ship in a bottle, follows on the nautical theme already being explored this year through previous releases, and the song flows from calm to more energetic in a way which conjures up images of the sea and which makes the song stick around in your head long after you’ve heard it.

You can check out ‘Islands’ for yourself, along with the other #MonthlyMaldiniXII songs, on their Soundcloud page, and get excited for what is yet to come this year!

Words by Hannah Barnett

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