Monday, 12 May 2014

Feature: The Revision Playlist

Sadly, we’re deep into revision time. Exams are looming, deadlines are nearly upon us, and we can’t even remember the last time we went out.
On the bright side though, we at Liberty Belle have put together a revision playlist to help you through the pain. We even got our writers to write some words about why they made their selection to help you build your own. We're just that nice.

Pat Benatar – 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot'
We’ve all been there. You should have started revising weeks ago, you’ve lost the reading list and your friend won’t let you borrow their painstakingly made cue cards. In the panic of the last minute cramming session, playlists tagged “chill” won’t cut it anymore. Only the most upbeat ‘80s power pop will do when trying to convince yourself that you’ll pull through and there’s none better than ‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot’. Charlie Mayer

Cyril Hahn- 'Say My Name (Destiny’s Child Remix)'
Singing along to songs in a library is a huge no-no, so I often go for film scores or music with fewer lyrics rather than power ballads. Cyril Hahn hit the scene a few years ago now but his classic remixes, of the likes of ‘Destiny’s Child’ as well as ‘Mariah Carey’ have the perfect blend of reinventing songs while remaining faithful to why people fell in love with them. Putting a mellow twist on classic R&B tracks has become an ever increasing trend and I would definitely recommend looking for similar cover work done by ‘The Neighbourhood’, ‘Chet Faker’ and ‘The Weeknd’. Miriam Amies

LCD Soundsystem - 'Us V Them'

Like most people, I need a little bit of motivation to help me revise. Let’s face it; sometimes the thought of how much learning you have to do in such little time is one so terrifying that feigning ignorance seems a much more sensible idea.
Choosing a song to provide this motivation has its dangers though. Picking one too energetic and you’ll find yourself dancing around your room all day, picking one not energetic enough and well… you won’t do anything.
With this in mind I’ve chosen ‘Us V Them’ by LCD Soundsystem. The combative lyrical rhetoric implied by the title is coupled with a simple mix of drums, cowbell, and scratchy guitars, keeping your mind free to concentrate on quantum mechanics, the migration of African bees, or whatever it is you were supposed to have learnt about weeks ago. Jamie Doherty

Trails and Ways - 'Nunca'
When played on repeat this track never ends, a sumptuous overlapping record thatmoves with the tide of some far off beach that the song inspires you to imagine. However, whilst promoting escapism during regular listening, Nunca escapes scintillating drum solos or guitar riffs to distract us whilst working and rather fills the room with an almost smoke-like sound, hanging in the air without disturbing the flow of your mind as you work. Arguably one of the best pieces of background music a student could ask for and it never allows your mood to drop. James McMullon

Keaton Henson – 'Teach Me'

A chilled out song from Henson which has just the right amount of singing and instrumental sections to make you relaxed and focused while doing work. His soothing tones lull you into a false sense of security that eases you into revision. This song isn't one for doing all nighters too though; otherwise you might just fall asleep while doing work. Leonora Meaney

The Drums - 'Let’s Go Surfing'

The reason I think this track is perfect for revision is the mood it evokes. The chorus picks up just the right amount of pace; it’s not too slow thankfully, so you’re unlikely to fall asleep whilst attempting to study! That said it doesn’t make you break out into an all-singing-all-dancing-around-your-room-drum-solo kind of routine, either. It’s inoffensive, played in the background without being a distraction and the chilled out vibe to the vocals only serves to remind me of the – hopefully – sunny summer that lies at the end of exam season. Bethany Kirkbride

Swiss Lips – 'U Got The Power'
When you look up at the mountain of revision towering over you and come to the realisation that you have, in fact, learnt nothing over the past academic year and yes, you are about to be tested on it, there’s nothing quite like ‘80s synth-overloaded, fizzy, electro-pop songs to get you motivated and help you power through. You’ve acknowledged that ‘all things are going against you’ but that’s okay because Swiss Lips are here to remind you that although it might not feel like it,  ‘U Got The Power’ to ace those exams. Ellen Offredy

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